Our Story


Xapa – (Za-pa) originated from the Greek word Xapa (originally pronounced Cha-ra, yeah Greek doesn’t have a separate sound for X! Cool huh?)
Xapa loosely translates to joy or happiness – this embodies the feeling when someone buys or gifts our timeless pieces. And indeed, they should – because buying Xapa means they’re worth it! Whether it’s buying a bracelet as a birthday gift or buying mom that special necklace for Mother’s Day, heck it could even be getting that cool gift for that cool chick or dude – Xapa is all about the joy that comes with receiving a beautiful piece.
Remember that feeling when you got your first necklace, ring or even watch? That’s Xapa! We are a family run and a growing business from Jamaica within the heart of the Caribbean established in 2020. Just like our artistes and sports men and women are passionate about the craft – so are we about ours.
We pride ourselves with manufacturing and or retailing handmade pieces that meet or exceed international standards. We believe in maintaining quality standards as well as sterling customer service – yup, like our jewelry!
Xapa aims to be pioneers in jewelry and fashion accessories brand within the Caribbean. We aim to ensure that a consistent, unique level of customer service paired with our quality one-of-a-kind pieces meet or exceed your expectations.
We pride ourselves in disrupting the status quo by challenging the norms of jewelry.
We dare to be different, we disrupt, we pioneer, and we bring you – elevated luxury.

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